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Virtual Office

Virtual Office - Your Complete Business Solution! Your cost effective complete “in business” package.  You select from a suite of services to meet your ongoing business needs. From Telephone Answering, Reception, Administrative and Technology Support, Office Space, Meeting and Conference rooms as and when required.

No significant upfront costs or long-term commitments.

Virtual Office Services 

Our centre offers a “virtual business solution concept”.  We offer a flexibility to our clients which caters to today’s market.  The overhead costs of hiring staff, renting/leasing office space, equipment, technology and other operational costs don’t necessarily accommodate all businesses.  Our “Virtual Office services” provide a suite of options permitting you to have complete flexibility to meet your ongoing business needs.  From Small, Medium to Large enterprise, the Virtual Office Service is the ideal solution for start-ups, projects and/or expansion requirements.

From Human Resources, Hiring new employees, renting office space and purchasing the equipment to operate a full office isn’t always cost effective. Our program offers a variety of virtual office services that you can customize to fit your business and budget. Our services are available a la carte, giving you and your company the flexibility you need to grow your business with no additional overhead cost. 

Using our virtual office program allow you to quickly and easily accommodate increases and decreases in clients and employee head count allowing you to ramp up or scale down operations as required. Our administrative staff and cost effective work spaces are ready to grow with you. 

Flexible Services 

Our Business Centre Work Space provides flexible virtual office space, shared office space, executive offices, and conference room rentals with customizable terms. We provide first-class office space on an as-needed basis. 

Working from a home office can be very rewarding, but if a client wants to visit your office, using a virtual office will elevate your corporate image with a prestigious business location without the hassle, expense, or commitment to a long-term, commercial office space. 

A virtual office provides a corporate mailing address, which is ideal for professionals on the go or for those working from home. 

Our “administrative business support services” provides small businesses extra staff just when you need them. Our trained administrative support team takes services to a higher level. We provide professional telephone answering services and redirect your business phone calls to any number, per your exact instructions. In addition our team can schedule meetings, make reservations and be the highly personalized and professional voice behind your business, all at a fraction of the cost of full time staff. 

Our virtual office business solutions are highly customizable, giving you the freedom to pay for only what you need. A virtual office provides businesses with a way to cut expenses while retaining a high level of prestige and professionalism. 

We offer fully equipped commercial office space and executive suites with flexible lease terms, 24/7 availability and no long-term commitments. 

Give Your Business Room to Grow with Virtual Office Space

Dare Corporate Centre takes your business seriously and we want to provide you with the services you need to run a successful business. If you are an entrepreneur you work from home, a virtual office space can provide you with a reputable location to meet clients and prospects as well as giving you a high profile address in your desired city. 

Our Work Spaces are available in a variety of sizes with any accommodations imaginable to create a customized shared office to fit your business requirements. In addition to the virtual office space, we can also provide an array of other services, including flexible terms, remote professional reception and virtual business addresses. All of these services are available a la carte, so you will only pay for the services you use. 

Scale your Business with flexible Work space

Virtual office spaces are a smart, affordable way to establish your business’ presence in another city. Our shared office space and executive office suites remove the high overhead costs of owning or renting an office and allow you to use the space on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Using these office spaces will also allow you to operate on global level, with the ability to easily scale based upon your businesses needs. 

Virtual Mailbox and Reception Services

If you have incoming or outgoing mail, you can retain our front desk as a reception area during normal business hours. Our reception can sign for deliveries and route packages to and from your clients. 

Outgoing mail is posted daily, and mail-forwarding services are available to any address so all of your business correspondence is handled with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. This makes a virtual office space perfect for growing home based businesses; You don’t have to disclose your personal address, but you will have the ability to professionally communicate with your clients in a productive and secure business manner. 

Each virtual office program can include a private mailbox you can access 24/7. You can also contact the reception to forward your mail to anywhere in the world. 

With a virtual business address you’ll never have to worry about missing an important delivery. 

Use Shared Office Space – Meetings 

If you need more than just a virtual office space and mail service, our administrative team will work with you to make arrangements for anything else you need, including meetings you would like held at your office. Our centre is staffed with capable staff who make sure you can make the most of your virtual office space and enable you to conduct your business without interruption. 

Telephone Answering and Fax Services

Each virtual office space is available with our professional phone answering services which can include a standard business phone number, and if needed, a fax number. Our virtual office staff can route your faxes to a virtual mailbox or office space, re-direct the fax to another fax machine or even convert incoming faxes via email and/or to a pdf and email them to you anywhere. 

Executive Office Space for Rent with Everything You Need

Among the various features mentioned above, our work space offers many more. Some features of our executive office rentals: 

  • 24/7 access to your virtual office
  • Broadband Internet featuring both wired and Wi-Fi Internet access*
  • Executive office furniture 
  • Business  Café / Kitchen access
  • Access to various size of offices (executive, shared office, team space ..)
  • Full-feature telephone handset with hands-free speaker
  • Flexible terms
  • Start your commercial office agreement immediately
  • Work in a large professional, shared office environment
  • Expand and contract your workspace with conference rooms or executive office suites as your needs fluctuate
  • Remote reception team provide administrative support when you need it
  • A la carte virtual office services available when you need them and only pay for what shared office services you use
  • Access a commercial office space in a prestigious location